The Swig — a bar-lounge that visits the 19th century Bengal

A boutique hotel in Kolkata haveli gets a splendid bar-lounge

We are half-way into the lockdown and aching for outdoors, to visit cinemas, parks and dine at restaurants. For those in Kolkata, the recently opened bar-lounge The Swig, in the splendid boutique hotel, Raaj Kutir, would have been on their must-visit list before the lockdown. The Swig is designed by Salient, a design practice run by Vivek Singh Rathore, supported by his partner and Landscape Principal Anuradha Singh Rathore. Designed articulately around a staircase, the vintage themed bar and lounge recites an ancient tale of a regal lifestyle of old Bengal in India. The design resonates with the theme of the hotel, narrating the tale of 19th century Bengal through sensitive design interventions. The design transports its users to a rich cultural past echoing inside the walls of what was once a palatial home to a traditional Indian landlord—the Zamindar. The memories of the Naach Ghar (dance house) and Kaanch Ghar (Glass house) are weaved into the décor of the space. Conceived in Victorian-styled cast iron design, the exterior has been perceived to preserve the architectural essence of the place. More than 700 hand-cut crystal goblets and glasses adorn the high walls of the space. The minute detailing and precise fabrication of the crystals reflect the royal indulgence of the design.The use of mellow tints of blue and green for the cushioned furniture, coupled with golden frames, fluently harmonise with the vintage tone of the décor.

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