Real Battles, Virtual Warriors — Akshat Nauriyal

Digital tools are real weapons in battles of ideas and ideologies

In 2017, a non-profit organisation, the St+art India Foundation, brought in artists from all over the world to create artworks on the streets of Delhi. They had been painting the city walls with ideas and art for almost three years before seriously scaling up in number of artists, size of the artworks and number of cities. The organisation’s content director, Akshat Nauriyal’s name became synonymous with the country’s street art movement.

This year, Nauriyal made way to the Eye Myth Media Arts Festival in Mumbai, to present his work, not ones we are familiar with — the street art, or music (Nauriyal is an accomplished drummer), or his films on sub-cultures of Delhi. Nauriyal presented his work which uses augmented reality, animation and filters on social media platforms, often as a sharp criticism and as expression of dissent.

Here, he shares his experience of moving to the other end of the spectrum, from more tangible street art to digital art, but staying true to dissent, and his uninhibited political commentary that resonates with some from the digital tribe.


Eye Myth Media Arts Festival 2019 is organised by Quicksand studio and UnBox Cultural Futures Society.

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