Furniture collection launched using immersive technology

A studio uses VR to launch its new collection in a country under shutdown

An Ahmedabad-based architecture and design studio, Hsc Designs, held a digital exhibition of its furniture collection using VR technology. The exhibition is an immersive experience and visitors can view the pieces from every angle and customise their products by selecting options for colour, textures, materials, etc. The furniture line morphed the pre-designed architectural built forms and interior spaces at different scales.

“We think this nuance will bring a nice change to how work is showcased. A digital showcase of our large eclectic range of furniture is the fastest way for people to see what we have created, what we could customise for them and most importantly the range of our design ideas,” the studio said. Studios and businesses all over the world are suffering because of the shutdown introduced to contain the spread of coronavirus. Perhaps this a glimpse into a world trying to find some order in a pandemic.


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