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Do you want to publish your work with us? Or write about an idea, a trend, an issue that burdens the industry, or a solution you think hasn’t been talked about?  Great. We can’t wait to read it. Send us your work and ideas within the framework mentioned below.


What to submit

We are looking for design content that is fresh, innovative, powerful and interesting, whether done for a client or self-initiated. We also appreciate ideas that introspect various aspects of the creative life and opinions on developments in design and architecture. If you want to write an article or an opinion piece, our editorial team will work with you


How to submit

We accept submissions only via e-mail. (designyatra AT kyoorius DOT com)

Send us a short pitch of 60-70 words with 6-7 low resolution images as attachments with the mail. Ensure that you mention “Submission–” in the subject of your email followed by the name of your project or a working title of your story in 3-4 words. Ensure that you have credited everyone who worked on the project at the end of the text body.

Due to large influx of submissions, we sometimes find it difficult to answer all the mails, but be assured that your mail will be read. If we think your submission is a fit for us, we will write back to you.


Showcase Your Work

Need an outlet to share your agency / studio / professional projects and work? Become a part of the Kyoorius Designyatra community and showcase your work. More details here.

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