Fosite Studio designs for offices of Facebook and LinkedIn in India

In the highly demanding work environments of tech companies, office canteens are a space to take a break, build friendships and collaborations, nourish yourself (of course), or simply let those tough questions simmer at the back of the mind. The atmosphere at the work place has a considerable impression on the workforce. That’s why when big tech giants, Facebook India and LinkedIn India wanted to design their work space, they reached out to Fosite, a Bangalore-based studio. Fosite specialises in spatial design, environmental graphics, and art and interactive installations—the expertise in all evident in these projects. Here is a bit about Kha, the dining space at Facebook office, and more about the interiors of LinkedIn office, both designed by Fosite:

Kha, dining space at Facebook, India office

At Facebook, cafes are built in-line with a restaurant, which includes thematically designing the space, graphics, and branding of the cafe. The Facebook cafe was named, Kha, a name chosen to be locally relevant, and the idea was to connect to the young demography of the company and have hints of the local culture while still being largely globally neutral and relevant.

Branding Wall: A logo created using bumper sticker like visuals to celebrate the tech community, alongwith a supersized graphic that grounds the theme as you enter the space.
Logo: Kha was the name chosen to be locally relevant
Interactive Installation: Inspired by the visual of the toggle switch UI on phones; a design created on the digital menu wall for people to interact with and play a game of match the icons by sliding the elements from left to right

At Kha, quirky images of tech-related products replaced food items. Wires wrapped around a fork like noodles, egg-like webcams, SIM cards and memory cards garnished over a cup cakes. From afar they looked like your daily food groups, but on close inspection, unraveled tech objects as easter eggs dotted all throughout the site. This resulted in a very fun, vibrant, and eclectic space to dine in.

Illustrations: Graphics custom printed on wood to create a vibrant yet grungy feel.
Grounding the identity in the space along with a Tech Thali illustration that celebrates the local food culture

Interiors at the LinkedIn India office

Inbug Logo. Created as a 4ft by 4ft art installation made with chemically crafted layers of tapestry, layered to visually depict the location of Bangalore and the office location.

The interiors of the LinkedIn office were inspired from the concept of terrain, which connects and draws parallels with the geographical landscape of India. They are brought about by visualizing physical features through texture, pattern, graphics, crafts, material, and installations. This resulted in a space that is truly immersive globally and locally relevant, celebrating our surroundings and bringing together a visually engaging space.

Art Installation: Customised hand tufted carpet with layered MDFs designed to emulate the terrain from India.
Meeting Rooms: Graphics created as a backdrop for meeting rooms, that play with the macro view of the landscapes in India, but have easter eggs of animals from their respective terrains to bring about some visual interest. 
Art Installation: In line with the theme, the design takes cue from a compass and finding your true north. The wall is a layered graphic made through materials available through the workplace.
Art Installation: Layered tapestry artwork created using weaving, thread work and
chemically burning cloth to create visuals of geographical spaces in India.
Art Installation: Creating a graphic in-line with the theme that is soothing to the eye, in the core of the workspace. The artwork is created to have very fine 3D lines that are 10mm offset from the wall and handpainted with each line having separate gradients.
Accessible braille signage that is accordance to international standards

Studio Fosite won two Blue Elephants at the Kyoorius Design Awards 2021 for designing dining spaces for LinkedIn and Facebook. 


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