Add a little tune to your hand-washing routine

While half the world is stupefied with the corona virus epidemic and the other half, busy washing their hands off any responsibility, a 17-year-old designer and developer, William Gibson, developed a website that reinforces the only solid prevention against the virus—washing hands thoroughly. He used UK’s National Health Services poster on washing hands, and added a tune to it. The website is called, and we love it, The website was made in a day. uses two posters with step by step visual guide to washing hands that can be layered with a song lyrics. So, enter a song, enter the artist and there’s your poster with the lyrics of the song as captions to each of the hand-washing diagram. If you are too cool to use soap, there is also a poster for gel users which has only 10 steps, three less than the soap washers. For a particularly inspirational day, you get an option to create your own lyrics to go with each of the hand-washing diagrams of the poster.

With his own admission, this is the strangest code he has written so far.

If not for that, William totally deserves an award for responding to a global crisis with a creative, playful solution. Sing songs, wash hands, stay safe.

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